The staff have voted and picked two banners as their favorite:



We will be rotating between the animated and non animated banners to start. You can already see Teejers' up on representing Minehut. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, we were surprised at how many quality entries we received!

You'll see Duzzy with the artist rank and he will receive a free upgrade to his server or a server of his choosing for 1 month. Please pm Luuke or me for this on discord.

Upcoming Updates
Over the next week we will be implementing a new voting system through that link. Our goal is to have a beta of that up in the next few days followed by having it fully out by the beginning of July to give ourselves the best shot of getting to the top of the server list which turns into free advertising for Minehut!

We have more in the works of course, but nothing we're ready to announce yet! 

Congrats to the winners, your banners are awesome. Nice work to those who participated, you guys did a good job on your art.

Good job, everyone, on your entries and congrats to the winners!




um k wow, gg.


I dident submit in time :(

Dear Winners,

Congratulations on your victories, it is lovely to see such fabulous people win. 

Dear Admins, 

Can we do more contests in the future? They are really fun, I'm sure the rest of the community can agree. On the bright side, they increase cohesion and engagement among the players. And that is fabulous. 

Love, CoriolanusSnow 

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Get roasted!



Who is drtshock the owner?

Dear Donut Darling,

Drtshock is Trent.

Sincerely, Corio 


congrats 2 every1 that won

I'd like to see more contests in the future :D

why was i not picked i offered some sweet memes fuc u all!!!!