Hey everyone, 
First off, for those of you who still are wondering "Who is Dpasi314", I'd like to point you over here: https://minehut.com/forums/topics/594d78408cd3080ced3cd8f8 for a more in depth introduction!

As the title stated, we updated our rules list! There are no major changes, we just decided to consolidate the existing list, and modify a few rules to be more clear. You can view the updated rules list here: https://minehut.com/rules

Myself and the staff team worked hard on these, trying to make them fair, easy to follow and simple to understand. The list goes over general server rules which apply to ALL of Minehut's services (forums, in game, discord, etc). There are expand lists for forum and discord rules as well. We expect all of you to take a look at the updated rules list, as we don't want anyone to get in trouble or be confused about everything.

As always, we want you to have fun! Please post any questions that you may have, and we'll help answer them!


First 👏



Tf no farewell posts


does that mean no swearing on discord!?!?!?!?!???????!!!!!?!!?

Farewell posts are unneeded, and ultimately draw more attention to them than needed. While we really want you all to stay, and to have an amazing experience on Minehut, the truth is, some people grow out of their Minecraft times (which is only for a while... they all come back eventually, mwahahaha) and we understand that people have lives outside of Minecraft and outside of Minehut. So this whole thing about drawing unneeded attention to a post, is frankly just unnecessary all together. If you're leaving and want to tell people about it, we encourage you to send some direct messages to your friends, it doesn't need to be a server wide announcement.

Additionally, we want to keep the server, forums and discord strictly PG. This means that you can't excessively swear, and we discourage swearing all together. When we start to swear, it leads to a hostile atmosphere which is the opposite of what we're trying to create here. We want people to feel welcome, and not like they have to act a certain way, or have to adhere to a certain behavior. Ultimately, it's a much more fun place for everyone when we're not swearing like we're pirates.

That being said, we understand that the occasional slip-up happens. Don't expect to be permabanned forever if you let something slip, but to expect that we'll warn or talk to you about it to make sure that it doesn't continue!

Wait, but since someone's leaving they don't have to follow the rules anymore and will not regret being forum banned. Thus, the rule has been bent! Or, well, I suppose you'll just delete the posts nvm .-.


But really, no one ever listens to the advertising part, (some NICE people do)
no matter where I go, boom.. another advertiser!

About the damn (not to be so rude because I hate it when peopple do) no advertising rule, just add a damn filter for the player servers and if someone says a valid server name in chat (counts for spaces in between to so if they try to bypass it like "ex amplena me" to bypass the filter they still get warned and all staff get notified) and for external advertising, if there is periods detected obsessively like "play.example.ip" then all staff get notified,

Also thanks for the addition of the new rules, especially the no farewell post.

I love the new rules. I am the biggest fan of this update probably. Although I guess I will miss farewell posts, I mean who doesn't like a little bit of overdramatization of absence and like its a great way to gain attention. Anyhow I think the new rules well be an excellent addition to the server, and will help progress it into a new era of respect and beauty. 


That idea would not feasible as player servers can be named things like "hello," "how do I," etc. How do you propose server's with common words/phrases as names be filtered? Also keeping it not filtered adds employment opportunities to the server and keeps volunteer positions intact. After all more staff, usually, equates to more community engagement. 

Sincerely, CoriolanusSnow 

Farewell, farewell posts. .~.

Also, advertising is going pretty well. Thanks to the staff who are always online for countless hours, searching for rule breakers. They're doing a great job ;)


not really...

This guy, masterchief939 was advertising for about 30 minutes ( 32 to be precise, yup I timed that .-. ).


The main problem with trying to filter advertising with a chat filter is that, it will not catch everything. While it can substantially help, adding spaced in between will cheat the chat filter. We're working with our entire team to start going through reports more promptly, and punish rule breakers in a timley manner. It's crucial that players utilize our Reports forum section so that we're able to help track down these players faster.

@HyperUltraMega, this is where you need to make sure that you create a report, or let a staff member know in discord because we're very active on there. If we don't respond right away wait a few days, and then don't hesitate to ask us again! We're human beings, and make mistakes.

I cant get back to my house and get all my stuff because i can no longer expand the world border size and whenever i do /home i die. I do not have enough money to buy a plan so i can expand it, but it was free before. Why do i now have to pay? Is there anyway i can get my server world border size expanded temparaly?

^ was this worth the necro
like, i think its a necro

you could've just reset ur server or made a new topic


Why does everyone advertise their servers??

Because they don't know that rule exists. DUH!