Today's update isn't as big as planned, but more will come tomorrow! Here's what we have for you today:


We’re looking to grow Minehut a ton over the summer here and our first effort toward that is to incentive voting! Players with free servers will now want to vote in order to get all the uptime they want. Uptime will now work for free servers as follows:

  • 2 hours free a day automatically
  • Vote for 23 hours of additional uptime (25 hours total each day)
  • Vote on the vote tab
  • Only applies to free servers.
  • One your server reaches 5 minutes of uptime left, you will start getting warned every 30 seconds.

This ensures that users on free servers will get 25 hours of free uptime if they vote giving some buffer time if you can’t vote at the exact same time each day. If you don’t vote, then your server will shutdown and not startup again and let you know that you just need to vote to get it back up.

Our goal with this is to get to the top off and bring in more players! More players will mean more players that might join your server as well as more players to make use of our free hosting!

World Border

As you guys already have realized, free tiers now have a world border of 1000. This is not going away. We will give more info on this in tomorrow’s update.

If you want to retrieve your command blocks, type '/cblock' as a command (server owner only) and it will find all of your command blocks, put the commands in a file, and then link you to that file.

To retrieve other things outside of the world border, check out Disastur’s post.

Updates Tomorrow

We’ll post another announcement but updates you can expect tomorrow:

  • Reworked tiers
    • Cheaper tier 1 to make it more attainable.
    • Reworking the other tiers.
  • Server Icons
  • More info on voting for non free tiers.
  • A sale on tiers to make upgrading easier with these changes.
  • And a few more things!

First, and nice update


Nice. (cool skin panda )


Oh, cool.

Probably going to buy a Tier later. MAYBE.

this update broke my server. I just need the world border crap flipped the other way so I can play again please fix this !

So your secret to getting money is to take privileges away from non donors that should be available to them. The people that cannot donate force there parents to buy them a tier which then they don't or do, and lose a lot of money for the tiers plugins not working. As far as I know people are not getting refunded whos tiers are broken and they are paying monthly for. I am sure admins and senior moderators are aware of these people.

Actually, my friend contact Matrix privately and Matrix is extending their Tier because it was glitchy for a few days or somethin'.

Still mad that my Tier got turned into a currently useless VIP rank. Hopefully we'll get some perks other than /ely and fly mode in lobby which everyone gets.


I honestly love this new update. Although I guess the world border update is quite controversial and subjectively highly disruptive and unnecessary. However, otherwise, I believe these updates will honestly make for a more popular and fabulous server. 

Sincerely, Corio 

Add more voting links!

Honestly, I think this part (part one) is one of the worst for minehut in recent years. We don't want kingdoms back with the world border. Genuinely, now a third party server is actually better. The only thing left which minehut really has to offer is players - but that too is dying. The only good is the first sale minehut will be doing in years. Voting should've been the same as it was in the past, so should default servers. Much like Tennah, this is just trying to get more money. You already got a fair amount from the awesome tier 4, no need to ruin it

Darlowe Darling, 

Money makes the world go round. Servers have to be rich to stay alive and thriving. Stupid rich. 

Kind Regards, Corio 

Although this is a big server and i see that you cannot hold so much server space, 2 hours without a vote for free ones is quite mean, you could up the time to like 5 hours or even 3. I like the /cblock command aswell, its going to save many servers if there is an abusive command block

All the best

Alright, overall, I think the update is quite nice and tomorrow's update too is quite exciting, though I quit. Anyways, the real problem I didn't like is about the world border limit. It should be at least 5k blocks instead of 1k.

Agreed Corio, it is quite disgusting really how rich they really have to be. I get that they need a profit and all, but surely Luuke has a better, more sufficient paying job than minehut. I'd at least give some profit donated to a charity or something.

1000x1000 Worldborder.... My server is ruined and need to make fast money then for an externed server ;3;

How has Matrix voted 4 times if the voting opened today?

"As you guys already have realized, free tiers now have a world border of 1000. This is not going away."

Unbelievable. This is extortion.
When are you gonna reverse your little slogan? Start paying, stop playing!